Monday, May 29, 2017

Trend in Digital Printing New York City

Advancement of Digital Printing in New York

On a recent tour I noticed that more and more people out there are talking about digital printing in New York. 

Why? There's no doubt that digital printing New York City is the wave of the future, and it's definitely changing the way commercial printing is doing business these days. More importantly, however, digital is opening up opportunities that businesses simply didn't have using yesterday's offset printing capabilities. That doesn't mean that offset printing is down for the count.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your old school printing press is out of the picture, because it's definitely not. It's just being used for a more...specialized line of work these days.

Digital Printing New York City - Differences Now

Here's a look at the differences between digital printing and offset printing and how your commercial printers are going to decide which one is a best-fit for your printing project.

When they're flipping a coin to decide between digital and offset printing, volume will be a major considering factor.

Why? Because digital printing in NYC is a great way for companies to create a smaller volume of marketing product, but it doesn't offer the same potential for savings on a large volume of product that you'll see when you're talking about offset printing.

With offset printing, the majority of your investment is upfront; once the plates are developed and you've reached the break-even point, which usually happens at about 1,000, the price per piece then becomes noticeably cheaper.

Digital Printing New York - Only small volume of products

 On the other hand, if you only need a small volume of product with Digital Printing in New York
but you decide to order a large volume to take advantage of offset printing anyway, you could end up with boxes upon boxes of unused marketing materials gathering dust in your already over-crowded storage space until you decide to throw them out.

how digital printing in new york fare

 Then what have you saved? The other major determining factor between offset printing and digital comes when you start talking about what medium you want to work with.

Although digital printing nyc is rapidly catching up to the multi-media capabilities offered by an offset press in New York, it's not quite there yet. With an offset press you have the ability to reach out and print on cloth, wood and paper, and while digital printing is catching up quickly there are still many cases in which the printer in question will prefer to work with an offset press rather than a digital interface.


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